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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Assassination Plot against President Martelly Uncovered

Senator Zenny & Benoit On President Assassination Attempt

President Martelly Uncovers an Assassination Plot

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - On Monday, the President of the Republic, Michel Martelly discovered an incident that occurred at a Sunday event, opening a week of tourism, was an assassination attempt.
The Office of Communications for the President mentioned the events as a "minor incident", but after further review, President Martelly characterized it as an "assassination attempt."
On Sunday in Cap-Haitien the president's motorcade was in the midst of a crowd of supporters in which a few hecklers infiltrated throwing stones and bottles. A press release from the Office of the President characterized it as a minor incident saying that arrest were made and an investigation would be underway.
The day following, Monday, President Michel Martelly, speaking to a correspondent of Radio Galaxie, Gonaïves (Artibonite), said video showed a man with an M-1 rifle among the attackers.
Senator Edwin Zenny added to the Head of State's claims saying there were certain monies given to the failed assassins.
Haiti Press Network found that 30 people had been held and questioned by the Cape Town Police, one of them had an M-1 in their possession. The gun carrier was found to be ex-convict allegedly employed by Parliament.
The former Colonel of the Armed Forces of Haiti (FAdH) Himmler Rebu said the President refused to follow instructions intended for his safety at the time of his attack, refusing to get into his vehicle.
Instead of minimizing the incident of Cape Town, he thinks he should take the matter very seriously, because it is the security of a president.
Senator Moise Jean-Charles condemned the incident, but attributed it to discontent within the population speaking "of unfulfilled campaign promises." Jean-Charles said "the president just like all Haitians can travel wherever he wants throughout the country. However, his inability to meet certain demands, it may attract the wrath of the population."

Difficulties still plague the government and the people of Haiti as officials have yet been able to ratify a Prime Minister and usher in the next functioning state.

The botched Sunday assassination attempt on Martelly – during his Sunday Cap Haitian visit – is beginning to see its effect spread like spilled ink on a white tablecloth
Joanet Caneus the pro-Lavalas Police Chief has been suspended from duty. He cannot wear his uniform or carry a gun. His arrest is expected within hours.
Immediately after the attack, a number of people were arrested, including one member of the Cap Haitian PNH office. He has since disappeared from the Cap Haitian jail.
The guy with the assault rifle disappeared immediately and has been traced to the Chamber of Deputies, where he works.
Reports suggest a Martelly move against Senator Moise Jean-Charles for his part in the chaos. Some believe he has immunity from arrest, because he is a senator, while others say his involvement removes the protection of immunity.
No matter what happens, the trail of evidence threatens to shake Preval’s political base – INITE.
Martelly has played down the event which may balloon to the point where he will dissolve parliament and place others under arrest. No one will be immune and some embassy elements are pressing for swift and vigorous action that might accelerate the acceptance of his choice for Prime Minister – Bernard Gousse.

The next few days will be very interesting.
Le cortège présidentiel a essuyé des jets de pierres, la police a effectué plusieurs interpellations (SignalFM)

martelly-au-cap-iiiLe président Michel Martelly était en visite Dimanche au Cap-Haïtien où il a été ovationné par plusieurs milliers de personnes. Dans son adresse à la population capoise, le chef de l’Etat haïtien a renouvelé certaines de ses promesses de campagne. M. Martelly a notamment parlé du développement d’un parc industriel dans le Nord. Il a maintenu ses engagements en ce qui a trait à son programme d’éducation gratuite et obligatoire.
Michel Martelly est aussi intervenu sur les difficultés rencontrées dans la mise en place de son gouvernement. Il a en ce sens montré du doigt les parlementaires auxquels il a imputé son blocage. M. Martelly a promis toutefois de continuer les discussions en vue de mettre en place un gouvernement au plus vite.
Mais, la visite du président Michel Martelly au Cap-Haïtien n’est pas passé sans incident. Le cortège du chef de l’Etat, qui entrait dans la ville à pied, a essuyé des jets de pierres. Ce qui a failli créer une situation de panique, n’était ce pas la vigilance des forces de l’ordre qui ont vite pris le contrôle de la situation. Deux des individus suspectés de poser ces actes ont été appréhendés, selon les informations recueillies sur place par un reporter de Signal FM.

En ce qui concerne le projet d’érection d’un parc industriel dans le Nord, ce projet sera annexé d’un programme de logements sociaux dont avait parlé l’un des responsables de la CIRH, Bill Clinton au début du week-end écoulé. 2 mille habitats, destinés principalement au 20 mille salariés de ce parc industriel, sont prévus en effet dans le cadre de ce programme financé, entre autres, par la fondation que dirige l’ancien président américain. Michel Martelly devait annoncer la liste des 100 mille enfants retenus dans le sud pour aller à l’école dès la prochaine rentrée scolaire dans le cadre de son programme d’éducation gratuite. La Fondation Clinton vient d’octroyer plus d’un millions de dollars à ce programme, permettant ainsi d’augmenter le nombre d’enfants 
Police Officer Placed in Isolation after Assassination Suspect Escapes

CAP-HAITIEN, Haiti - A police officer was put under arrest on Tuesday after the escape of a suspect that was being held for the attempted assassination of the president.
Odelin Saintilma, a county service officer of the Judicial Police (SDPJ) was placed in solitary confinement in Cap Haitien following the escape early Tuesday morning of a suspect interrogated in connection with the investigation into the attack that targeted last Sunday President Michel Martelly.
Radio Kiskeya learned from the local police that the suspect, considered a key witness, who appeared to be an affair of the state, escaped from the premises of the Nord Department of the Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH) where he was taken in the company of some 29 other people.
The officer responsible for the custody of the suspect, whose identity was not revealed, is being punished.
Object at a time of multiple convictions and of great concern in some political circles, but also a pretext for controversial statements of passionate supporters and fierce opponents of the head of state.

The incident at Cap Haitien had seen strangers throw stones and glass bottles in the vicinity of the President. The scene had caught the presidential security in the neighborhood of Shada deemed favorable to the Lavalas Party of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


  1. This is a FRAPH/Tonton Makout/Duvalier Tactic-Attempt to foil Democracy and to trying to topple the Tough Haitian Congress who is not bidding to Martelly's wishes.

    The so called Guy with the Machine Gun who was spotted (if this is true) is called: a Plant...
    Papa Doc used those Tactics on the Haitian People inorder to take Full Control of Government and to install his Dictatorship, uglylly Martelly who is a hard-Knock FRAPH/Dictator/Tonton Makoutt is following the same path.
    There has been no attempt on Martelly's Life, this is all Fabrication of Government...all Lies and trumped charges against the Black Haitians of Okap....Lies ...Martelly and his Cohort Mulatto Senator Zenny is nothing but a Spy in the Senate, an enemy of the People, a fake Haitian...a stranger to the Land...
    Zenny/Zuraik =Arabs

    My email address:

  2. Dessalines pat vle we Blanc avek Milatt, Koupe Tet, Boule Kay...gad sa yo fe Aytiti ! VIVE Dessalines.......

  3. Lies...Lies...Lies..Tactics to dissolve the Parlement or the though Senate who does not cater to Crazy Martelly...

    Lies...Lies...Lies ...O please Martelly is wishing assassination attempt upon his Life?

    Oh well...he is a Crazy Horse or a Crazy Bull?
    This is not going to work out for him either...

  4. Mr Anonymous above. You are the one making accusations. Under what basis are you saying that this is a lie. Just say that you think that it's a possibility. But dont present your opinion as fact.

    Why would you be suprised anyway that the old gang who do not want to see haiti progress would want to eliminate a progessive president. You can see already that the enemies of change are trying to block the president. Maybe you are part of the gang.

    You should be deploring such acts, not tring to blame it on someone else.

  5. What is this nonsense about Mulattoes, Blanc etc.. When are we as a people going to get beyond racial prejudice.
    As a black nation we seem to carry more racism and open racism than any white nation.

    The fact is that something did happen. It is being investigated by the police. People have been arrested and people have escaped from jail.

    So let wait for the facts instead of pushing some government conspiracy theory as (Anonymous) is doing.

  6. It is a sad day for my country, when ignorant fools like the so call vodoulegba, get to find a legitimate platform to promote stupidities.Haiti is at a crossroad where those who care about the country will only come forward and promote peace, love and unity. If we do not come together after the great tragedy inflicted to us by mother nature,we will be seen by the world as being deserving of all the calamities we have been sujected to since the one proud moment of our history: the defeat of Napoleon 's Army. Please breathen, now is the time to unite, now is the time to bring forth Bwa cayiman, the same way we united in the past to free ourselves from the rigors of slavery, we can and must come together again to rid ourselves from the evil that live within us and prevent us from building the nation that we spoke about but never have the courage to build.HAITI MUST RISE, HAITI MUST SUCCEED,and justice must see the days,as far as those who want to use violence to prevent us from achieving the Haiti of our dreams,they should be delt with accordingly, no one should be an abstacle to a prosperous Haiti,Respect for a minority,is not an excuse for the minority to use violence and create kaos in order to prevent the majority to live, in peace,in a juste and productive society.

  7. Rockmaster I'm with you. We have ignoran individuals in our community. Papa doc, and Crap. I wnet to Haiti and I do see what are president is trying to do. Build are country. Remove corruption in parliament. Use your logic, how can you arrest someone today and he dissapears with out a trace. Are you serious. haitians we know better. You may not like Martelly but guess what he is our president live with it. Also this man has done more for Haiti then any president thats been in power for the past 10 years. Look at his track record.


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